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Lady MgAnthony

First Lady * Fabulous * Fierce * Faithful & on Fi-yah!

Boutique: boutique [boo-teek] noun; any small, exclusive business offering customized service

This is where the world of Fashion Jewelry opens to you...

I began selling jewelry a few years ago for fun and a few extra bucks! That turned into a mobile, pop-up boutique of women's fashion accessories; bags, boot covers, scarves, gloves, sunglasses, watches and jewelry.

Being mobile means I pop-up anywhere. My items are reasonably priced and rarely duplicated. I hate to see myself coming so I don't order in bulk, but I take the time to select pieces for all style types and when it's yours it's yours exclusively.

I do private home shows, large vending opportunities and am flexible in my set-up format and payment acceptance.

We accept cash, checks, money orders, credit/debit payments. We also have Buy Now & Pay Later.

All sales are final - 30-day guarantee against manufacturer defect - Exchange or boutique credit only.


Flex pay for purchases of $99 or more. Pay over 6 months with no interest charges.